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      “One Community, One Goal; To Exceed Expectations!” 


21st Century Clay School

21st Century Clay School

I am proud to serve as the Superintendent/ Principal at Clay School. The students, staff and board of trustees are committed to serving you, our Clay Community. There is a tangible feel to the caring culture at this school. My goal is to build on the existing experiences as we roll out new instructional practices and curriculum intended to push our students to make progress in academics and personal traits such as civic engagement, perseverance and collaboration. 

Clay School is one of the most revered schools districts in Fresno County. The school has been recognized on four occasions by the California, and the United States, Departments of Education for overall outstanding programs. We continue to enjoy a strong interest in attendance from our neighboring communities.

Clay Elementary School’s connection with the Clay Education Foundation is one of great value to students and staff. The Foundation serves to supplement the regular school program. In addition, the Foundation facilitates a positive and ongoing relationship with Clay School alumni and friends.

Clay School Parent Club works diligently to close the fundamental divide that exist in public education. Their fundraisers provide for major grade level fieldtrips, supplemental classroom resources, technology and community events.

The wonderful students, staff, families, Clay School Parent Club and Foundation have all contributed to the important success of our school.

Thank you for your support, Mrs. Brenda Sylvia

California Distinguished School 2014